Kratom Association Calls FDA Review of Drug ‘Junk Science’ in Scathing Report

Kratom Warriors:

Everyone needs to read the Rolling Stone article to see the hubris and arrogance of the FDA in its demonization of kratom.

FDA Commissioner Gottleib, when confronted with the fact the previous death reports he claimed were attributable to kratom were WRONG, Gottleib has now dramatically revised the death numbers up, discounted the false reports he knows cannot survive the light of day, and when the Rolling Stone reporter asks for the data on the newly claimed deaths, THE FDA REFUSED TO RELEASE THE DOCUMENTS.

Even more astounding is the response to the question by the Rolling Stone reported on what scientific study Dr. Gottleib was relying on to support his claim that kratom “is an opioid and has the addictive features of opioid drugs” – for example, was there any documentation of opioid addicts who had begun as kratom as kratom users? The FDA answer: We do not have a list of specific examples.

The FDA spokesperson tried hard to bail FDA Commissioner out by claiming his statement is referring to “the traditional thinking of what addiction is and how it works. Kratom is an opioid and addiction to opioids is well-documented.”

The science on kratom proves that statement to be completely false. If anything, there are some kratom users who rely on kratom as an alternative pain management therapy, so they can stay away from or stop using opioids.

Dr. Jack Henningfield said it clearly in his 8-Factor Analysis that banning kratom will lead to more deaths because legitimate kratom users would be forced to the black market where adulterated kratom products spiked with dangerous substances abound.

We need sanity in this discussion. Send the Rolling Stone article to everyone to expose the latest FDA lies about kratom.

Keeping kratom legal,

Dave Herman



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