Informational Documents Regarding Kratom:

FDA and NIDA Letter

Letter to FDA Commissioner Gottlieb 

"Kratom Deaths" Analysis - Dr. Jane Babin

Report by Dr. Jane Babin strongly refuting 25 of the reported 44 "kratom deaths"

8-Factor Analysis - Dr. Jack Henningfield

By using the same processes in examining kratom as required by government agencies, Dr. Jack Henningfield's 8-Factor Analysis reveals that kratom is safe to consume and about as addictive as caffeine

Kratom Scientist Letter

Nine leading scientists sent a letter to the White House strongly opposing the misinformation the FDA has been releasing about kratom

Economic Impact Study

Report by economist Paul Georgia that outlines the economic influence of kratom sales in the United States

Kratom by the Numbers

Infographic that summarizes the facts around kratom 

Profiles of Kratom Consumers by Dr. Oliver Grundmann

Study conducted by Dr. Oliver Grundmann of the University of Florida that examines the "patterns of kratom use"

Synthetic and Receptor Signaling Explorations of the Mitragyna Alkaloids

Study published in the Journal Of The American Chemical Society: 6-6-16 Report  

AKA Statement of Principles

The AKA's position on the kratom industry standards 


Analysis by Hogan Lovells regarding the Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act of 2017 (SITSA)

Washington Post Article

2016 Washington Post article strongly pushing back on the DEA's plan to ban kratom 

US Senate Letter to DEA

Letter from nine U.S. Senators in 2016, requesting that the DEA allow for public comment on kratom and to submit justification for a ban on kratom

DEA Notice of Intent to Ban Kratom

The 2016 Notice of Intent to ban kratom on August 31, 2016

DEA Withdraws NOI (Notice of Intent)

The DEA's withdraws of the NOI on October 13, 2016

House OMB Letter

2016 letter from 50 Members of Congress requesting that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) use their authority to require the DEA to delay their proposed Scheduling of Kratom to allow for public input and more research between agencies

House DEA Letter

2016 letter from 51 Members of Congress asking that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) delay their proposed Scheduling of Kratom to allow for public input 

Federal Agency Kratom Memo

Scientific and Policy Documents Supporting the Safety of Kratom




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