Vendor Salmonella Survey


Kratom Vendors:


At the American Kratom Association, we are attempting to get a clearer picture of the actions of the FDA and CDC regarding the salmonella outbreak these agencies are reporting to be associated with kratom. We are particularly concerned with reports that the FDA/CDC may be using the salmonella outbreak purportedly in kratom products as a pretext to allow the FDA to expand their war on kratom.


It is critical that we diligently work to assure the FDA and CDC are using their regulatory authorities for the limited purposes authorized by the Congress.


If your business was contacted by either the FDA or CDC regarding the salmonella outbreak that has been associated with kratom, we are asking that you take the following survey.


The results of this survey will be kept completely confidential and will only be used to allow for an assessment of the appropriateness of the actions being taken by the FDA and CDC.


CALL- 804-552-1252 or EMAIL:

At this time we can not recommend vendors.   Please join a support group on FaceBook or Reddit for help with vendors and general kratom questions.

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